The Midlands Scale Up Programme

For the most ambitious companies ready for high growth this year....

  • Quality coaches with experience of working within a high growth company
  • The latest thinking, ideas and tools to create a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • A clear-cut roadmap on how to grow a company with your ambitious goals
  • A trusted external perspective
  • Access to a network of companies at a similar or higher level

Phase 1 – The High Growth Blueprint

The High Growth Blueprint day takes a detailed look at our business. By the end of the day you have a clear vision and strategy combined with a realistic delivery plan. As part of the process we will identify any barriers to delivering your strategy develop actions to remove these.

The day is structured and adopts a strategy development process now used in over 1000 organisations across the world. The process will incorporate visioning, creation of a business model, development of an implementation plan and our Laser strategy coaching®. It will delivered by accredited coaches who have experience of running high growth businesses.

What you will get from this day:

  • A compelling vision which will engage your entire organisation
  • A clear documented strategy unique-to-you that will give you a competitive edge
  • A clear-cut implementation plan with detailed actions for accountability for actions
  • Definition of your Business model including identification of your key business drivers
  • An inspired team, ready-for-action team

Phase 2 – The Scale Up Accelerator

A selection of 10 businesses will be accepted to move into the Scale Up Accelerator programme. At the heart of the programme is the Gazelles Four Decisions Growth Roadmap that has been designed with one single-minded purpose - to bring together the very best business education and the finest business tools to help create fast growth in Mid Market companies so they can achieve achieve their growth potential.

The Growth Roadmap Programme is a highly practical series of 6 one day workshops focused around the Four Decisions that any Scale Up Business must master on their growth journey:

  • People
  • Strategy
  • Cash
  • Execution

Throughout the programme , each of the 1o companies will utilise the online Growth Institute to provide ongoing education (one-hour per month per employee) for the entire firm using the Better Book Club platform.  In addition, companies will use Align - an easy-to-use online cloud-based dashboard to track progress on cascading priorities and metrics throughout the company.  It has been proven that this is difficult to do on a weekly basis without a reliable method once the company reaches any kind of scale, so we’ve already removed a major roadblock for you.

In between the workshops, a certified Gazelles coaching partner is sent into the organisation for two half day coaching sessions to ensure the learning’s are being implemented. These sessions are scheduled at your company's convenience and provide the necessary follow-up to ensure progress on implementing the Gazelles tools and techniques.


Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross is the founder of High Growth. He works exclusively with the ambitious leaders of fast-growing businesses who recognise that, in order to achieve and sustain high growth they need cutting edge skills and the proven strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. His  High Growth Methodology™  has been delivered to over 1500 businesses in Europe, the US and Asia with stunning results. High Growth has offices in both Nottingham and San Diego.

Neale Lewis

Neale is a business growth expert with an amazing track record of delivering, through coaching and training, substantial business growth and performance improvements significantly ahead of competitors.

Embracing the very finest business tools to enable Mid Market high growth companies to achieve outstanding growth performance through focusing on the four critical platforms of: Strategy, People, Cash and Execution. As a Certified Gazelles International coach, his expertise is helping businesses with the understanding and implementation of these tools to facilitate sustainable growth and profitability.

High Growth Blueprint

The Scale Up Accelerator

High Growth Blueprint Day £2,000

High Growth Online Tool £200

High Growth Ebooks £20

Bitesize High Growth Events 50% reduction  £50

2016 High Growth Summit 50% Reduction £50

Millionaire Masterminding 25% Reduction for one year £80

Online 121 Coaching call £400

Accountability £200



Total value: £3,000

The Scale Up Accelerator Programme £12,000

My Cashflow Story Consultation £1,000

Align Today Software £500

Gazelles Growth Institute £500







 Total Value: £14,000


High Growth Delivery Day

Total Value £3,000

Offer £1095*

* This is limited to 50 eligible businesses located in the East Midlands


Scale up Accelerator

Total Value £14,000

Offer £6,000*

* This is subject to a successful application in joining the Scale up Accelerator after completion of the High Growth Delivery Day. Payment will be made at this time.

** +VAT


Our No-Hassle Guarantee

If after experiencing the High Growth Delivery Day or the Scale up Accelerator Programme you do not feel you have gained the equivalent monetary value, we will provide you with a no quibble full refund.


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